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Oral hygiene is even more important when your mouth is loaded with the bands, brackets, and wires of orthodontia. Sure, it's tougher to brush your teeth. But brushing well is extra important as braces interfere with the natural chewing process that normally bathes and exercises gums and helps clean teeth.

At Pacifico Dental Care we believe that keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free should be your top priority during your orthodontic treatment. You can't skip it and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Proper-fitting bands or brackets usually protect the covered portion of your teeth; however, the brackets and wires on the outside of teeth make it harder for the toothbrush to clean between them. Trapped food particles and plaque are a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Gum disease also can develop, causing swelling, and making cleaning even more challenging and painful, while improper care can also stain your child's tooth enamel.

Brush often. Dr. Pacifico recommends that patients brush within five minutes of eating a snack or a meal to thwart that cavity-causing bacteria. Carrying a travel toothbrush in a backpack, purse, or briefcase makes it easy to brush when you're away from home. So there's no excuse not to brush often and to brush well.

There are even special toothbrushes made for brushing between the wires of your braces and your gums to loosen food particles. Dr. Pacifico will be happy to recommend one for you.

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